Professional Musician Ear Plugs

Reduces Music Volume to Safe Levels Without Losing Highs, Mids & Lows

The Story

As a guitarist who played in various rock bands, I very much value my hearing. Once your hearing is damaged you can't get it back. When I began to suffer from tinnitus, I realised I had to take action and protect my hearing from high volumes of music.

This is why I'm passionate about the dB Shield Volume Pro ear- plugs. I want to help protect the hearing of fellow musicians, concert-goers and clubbers.

Barnabas Nagy
dB Shield CEO

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“I have purchased these earplugs as I like to go camping and more often than not it is too noisy at night. They fit very well in my ears and removing them is so easy thanks to the little grip on the side. Next to it there is a small container that can be very easily attached to the keychain.”

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